My experience and expertise is an essential part of the design projects in which I collaborated with other interior designers. Along with my own design projects, I developed a variety of themes that included the actual designs of the home furnishings, as well as the production of the individual pieces themselves. From the grand hotels that extend across the world including the Peninsula Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, and Steven Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, my influence was primarily important in the public areas including the grand lobbies, private suites, and restaurants. 

Our projects have showcased for clientele like the Saudi Royal Family, Indonesian Presidential Family, Hollywood Celebrities, and Corporate Elite. These clients would seek for my guidance for classical elegance with the comfort of individual functionality. Each interior introduced an essence of luxury with a humble presence unique to the client. 



Our restoration process is a delicate balance of precision and craftsmanship. Each piece has a historical significance to the period of time of its origination. These pieces are restored to their original style and finish. Being an artistic historian and passionate collector, my goal is to share this knowledge with my clients. The procedure of working on a chinoiserie cabinet, is building back the three dimensional aspect which includes the restoration of individual elements, such as bridges, characters, foliage, and animated figures. One must go back into mindset of the original artisan in order to be precise with the multitude of detail in the undertones of color beneath the outer finish. The transparency is key to creating the subtle depth of color tones that bleed through to the outer surface. There is no greater accomplishment than not being able to recognize any difference between the restoration and original works.


Although my objective is to create the reproduction exactly the same, we all know that the physique of modern man is much larger than people of the earlier centuries. Therefore, the challenge is to adjust the scale and proportion of the piece without taking away its integrity and beauty.

I envision these pieces, then begin a sketch to capture its accurate scale. This process generates many conceptual ideas, my focus commits to the most suitable. We overlay our approved drawing on top of the selected wood and proceed tracing the replicated designs. This marked drawing or template acts as our guide to complete our carving. We start carving exactly as the drawing is, continuously sanding until the moment of perfection. The client is in awe and appreciates the genuine quality of this endeavor. I'm elated to feel the satisfaction from the client's enthusiasm of the result.